Welcome to the Website of Gym 99 – Simply the Best Gym in Town!

At Gym 99 we provide club memberships. Ask more, number : 0172626999.

Our services include:

  • Gym
  • Infraredsauna
  • Workout programs and instructing
  • Inbody measurement
  • Nutrition supplements

Opening hours

mon-thu 2 pm  – 6 pm

With a club card or one month pass the opening hours are 24/7 !

Feel free to contact us for further information!

Gym 99
Niiralankatu 25
70600 Kuopio

e-mail: info@gym99.fi

Tel: 017 – 2626 999


We wish to welcome You as a new member of our sports club!

From the start we want to assure that You feel at home with us. We will help You to adapt to our customs. As an integral part of our life here at our club is the unique and friendly atmosphere we are all proud of. That’s why we feel it’s important to get to know all our members personally. Not only members, but friends, come to exercise here… And our success will be even greater when exercise is made fun.

Take advantage of the opportunity and show also Your friends how amazing working out can be. We warmly wish to welcome Your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members to visit us too. As a gift you will receive one month free of charge, if your friend joins as a member. So we urge You to celebrate the wonderful decision of starting exercise together with your friends.

You will receive a Friend Pass (Ystäväpassi) along with this letter. Using the Friend Pass for bringing new visitors to our club requires a scheduled appointment for the visitor. We are glad that we are able to get to know You and Your friends!

Kind regards,

Arto Nokela and the staff of the sports club


You have made a great decision by joining as a member of Gym99 sports club. We hope You have a good time working out with us.

Services included in the membership

As a member You have the right to use all the following services/ facilities:

Gym / Infraredsauna

Some other benefits included in your membership

The list about discounts and benefits offered by our partners can be found on our web page at www.gym99.fi. Remember to show Your membership card to receive discounts.

Membership card

Your membership card is personal and You must always have it with you when you come to work out.

Bringing friends to visit us

You have the right to bring one friend a month to visit us for free. Together with this letter You will receive a Friend Pass for this purpose. We hope you remember to inform us in advance when bringing friends.